In depth analysis of Ant-Man, slight rant on introverted heroes, DC Comics vs. Marvel Comics & a dash of Myer’s Briggs…

There is a formula to it – I see it now; it started with Iron Man, was amplified with The Avengers, blown off the charts with Guardians of the Galaxy and taken to new heights with Ant-Man.  They are mostly men.  They are good looking.  CGI their muscles up a good bit.  BUT, and this is important, THEY HAVE TO BE FUNNY and Paul Rudd, well, Paul Rudd is funny.

DC Comics has far more interesting characters and back stories, they are more familiar in general and if there ever were to be a DC vs. Marvel rumble, there could be no answer for Superman, Green Lantern and the gang but Marvel continues to win the movie studio victory, the one that probably matters most and it’s because their heroes are wise-cracking, charming and dashing and hate as I do to say it, I must, it is pretty formula oriented.

Marvel and DC have similar heroes – they blatantly borrow from one another and have for decades.  For every Ant-Man, there is an Atom for every Quicksilver there is a Flash and let’s admit this right here and now comic book readers, in the inked pages of our youth, the Atom was a heck of a lot more interesting than Ant-Man, right?  Yet, there is no Atom movie.

I recently read the book, “Quiet” by Susan Cain.  I liked it though it was inconsistent and spent 90% of the book defining challenges introverts have in the business and social world that we live in and only about 5% on how to address it (I don’t remember the other 5%, I blame my wandering mind but I digress…)  Here is my point that I’m wandering around.  Superman = Introvert.  Batman = Introvert.  Atom = Introvert.  There are a few extroverts in the club but flip over to Marvel…  Iron Man = Extrovert.  Thor = Extrovert.  Star Lord = Extrovert.  Ant-Man = Extrovert.  Sure there’s Captain America but let’s agree that he’s pretty much the most boring person that ever donned super-tights.  OK, I’ll give you the Hulk, sort of, Bruce Banner is an introvert but the Hulk, that green mutha is the life of the party – smashing shit up all over the place!!!  My point?  Books about introverts are more interesting than movies about introverts.  Extroverts are more interesting in the movies.  In books, you peel back the layers of the characters, you see them at depth, slowly unrolling deeper personality traits over issues whereas in a movie, the leading character has about 45 minutes of face time so you better make it funny.

Not sure why I’m on this tirade because it has very little to do with the movie and seems to be an odd-slanted rant on the American extroversion ideal from an angry introvert but it’s not – here’s what I’m trying to say…


Sure there is a formula, sure it’s predictable, sure there’s holes in the script and at times uneven but this movie is good fun and is my favorite Marvel movie to-date and I’ve loved almost all of them except that boring introvert goody two-shoes Captain America – he makes me want to vomit in my mouth with his holier than thou disappointment in the evolution of society since the good old days – bite me CA, your shield sucks – just kidding, love you Cap – no not really, you do turn my stomach and that’s why I’m focusing this review on Ant-Man.

The Atom is a scientist.  The Ant-Man a convict.  The Atom shrinks down and scientifically breaks things down to defeat his enemies.  The Ant-Man flies on a Carpenter Ant and punches things (how does he punch so hard when he is small – that really makes no sense – sure an Ant can lift a lot more than its own weight and that is impressive and stuff but I don’t think an ant could take down a 6’3″ 250 pound dude with a punch could it?)  But wait, this is a positive review.  Seriously.  See this movie.  It is fun.  You will like it.  It is funny.  The ensemble is great.  I laughed a lot.  Best blockbuster I’ve seen all year.

Writer’s Note:

I am as far left on the introversion scale as a human being can possibly be according to my Myers Briggs profile – INTJ.

But enough about me…

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